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Initial design



What's it like to ride?

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'speedway' *

* ~ yes it is road legal           

Back ground to the project

 I've always liked the Jawa twin port 250 singles, model 559.

I've also always liked the 'minimalist' look of speedway bikes.

A 559 engine came up on EBay........... Game on!


 Initial drawings and ideas

   The basic idea is to design a speedway type motorcycle but make it road legal. Speedway bikes have no gearbox or brakes, mine will have to have them.

The frame will be based on a Hagon speedway frame from the 60's/70's; the one with the curved rear frame like this :-

the brakes will probably be a linked system with a proportioning valve, all operated by the foot lever. That way the bars will only have a throttle and clutch like a 'real' speedway machine.


  bits I have so far


also have a pair of wheels from a sherpa trails bike

metal has been cut and bent, it has begun!



spare spark plug and spanner ( i've had old two strokes before.....)



front light and pivoting rear plate (so it does get broken off!)


little bottle for two stroike oil, holds the correct amount for the custom made tank.








What's it like to ride ?



    If you have to ask why? then you will never understand...........

Q.  why a speedway bike?

A. I like the look of them, very minimilist.

Q. Why not a 4 stroke like a proper one?

A. I've not done a two stroke and I like the jawa twin port single, looks great.

Q. Have those forks got rubber bands?!

A. Yes, speedway forks or grass track,  or drag race? just looked good to me!

Q. Is it road legal?

A.yes officer!