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what's new?


Initial design




What's it like to ride?

Questions ?

Salt Flats Racer







Off Road 'Hot Rod' Dragster Bar Stool Racer


What's New ?


fitted a new Hilliard extreme duty clutch and modified the brake setup.



Back ground to the project

A Bar Stool Racer? well, its an American style bar stool mounted on a small go kart type frame. Why? I found pictures on the web and thought ' that looks a laugh!' and so a new build begins........

Why 'Hot Rod' style? because I would really like to build a Bucket T type hot rod one day and you have to start some where! so big wheels on the back, smaller at the front bit like a dragster......... but because of the lawnmower racing it would have to be built for 'off road' so....... Obviously(?) it becomes

Off Road 'Hot Rod' Dragster Bar Stool Racer


 Initial drawings and ideas

something along these lines as a starting point!

seat will be set further back, no side 'pods'

butterfly type steering wheel or beer pumps?

beer keg instead of spoiler?, could also be the fuel tank?

I would like it to be able to 'wheelie' from a standing start!

chain drive centrifugal clutch

top speed about 30 mph?

had to rethink the speed due to gearing that was easily available ~ now about 45mph!!!!!!!


It now has handle bars instead of a steering wheel, a lay shaft instead of direct drive; a new stool top due the original not being up to the job.

Other than that not much has changed.... but I might have to look at the brakes a bit more; oh and a new tougher clutch would be good the cheap ones really aren't up to it!


Parts used and suppliers

The rear wheels - 18" dia 9" wide off a Westwood lawn tractor ~ cheers Rozza!

The front wheels - 12" dia 5" wide off a lawn tractor ~ cheers Justice!

The engine - A Honda GX160, 5.5 hp ~ cheers Grasscutter!

The Bar stool - off EBay, American type bar stool with flaming skull motif. see picture.

The Clutch - Maxtorque 10 tooth from ebay

The rear sprocket - 60 tooth #41 pitch from ebay

The Brake - pit bike rear brake with 'wavey' disc ~ from ebay

The Frame -  my own design, built from 25mm square section.

The Lay shaft - from in the USA.



   starting to lay things out!            





The last picture is of Mark 'Rozza' Rostron and his racing mower and if you look carefully you can see me ( probably swearing!!!) just at the top of the straight, having been lapped ( again) by Rozza

in its current form... picture by Andy Ball





       Mark Rostron, famous barstool pilot and mower racer, flying round the mower track, late evening, carlisle


What's it like to ride ?



Handling not bad, much better now I have fitted bars instead of the chain steering wheel. How the hell Mark stayed on the thing (see the video above) at the speeds he reached I have no idea; well done mate.



    If you have to ask why? then you will never understand...........

Q. Did you know that there is a land speed record for an Electric Bar stool ?

A. Yes, its currently 48mph. Plans are being made and a controller and motor have already been aquired!


Salt Flats Racer

So, I had a bit of time over the holiday and did a bit of a design for a Bonneville Salt Flats Racer. Its my version of an electric bar stool suitable for an attempt at the land speed record ( currently 48 MPH). I openly acknowledge that I used the current record holding barstool as inspiration! I already have some of the parts so you never know I might just get round to building it?.................