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Initial design



What's it like to ride?

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A gentleman's conveyance

Back ground to the project

     Now my back is sorted I have been back down the gym doing handstands. As a warm up I do a bit on the spin bikes and cross trainers. Found that I can't do the running track due to dodgy knees! Thought it might be a nice idea to actually do some real cycling and so started looking at push bikes for the first time in years! I quite like the idea of a 'Fixie' ~ I like the minimalist design of them. Given that I also have a thing about vintage/retro  stuff this lead me to finding out about 'path racers' ~ basically an early track racer bicycle from early 1900's. Should make an interesting stablemate to the boardtracker!


 Initial drawings and ideas

    One of the things about early path racers is the frame geometry; I think it's that more than anything that give them that certain look. Definitely need 28" wheels, cream coloured fat tyres and upside down 'north road' handle bars.

Bit of searching and I found tat you can buy what is basically a 1930's Raleigh 'double top bar' bike ~ they are still being made in China! should be a suitable donor as the frame geometry is spot on! check out

To get a truly minimalist look I might even go for a 'coaster' back brake, that would leave the handle bars totally free from levers. If I do it will have to be single speed and not a 'real' fixie.

most of the pictures below are from ~ great site explaining what a path racer is


I really like the finished thing! best bit is the 'clean' look to it ~ no control levers, gears etc. This is because of the coaster brake, great thing.


  here are some pictures of the sort of thing I'm on about

this is a flying pigeon path racer ~ this is what I'm building but without the rear rack!

and the pictures below are the (almost) finished real thing !


pics from the first Longendale trail ride 11/3/12



 coming to a website near you soon..........   


What's it like to ride ?

it's a true gentleman's bicycle, none of this 'gears' rubbish. Single speed; fear the hills!

The coaster rear brake takes bit of getting used to as does the toe clip pedals. Given that the brakes 'fade' quite quickly going down hill is fun!



    If you have to ask why? then you will never understand...........

Q. why not just buy a Pashley Guvnor?

A. Lovely looking thing but a bit pricey and I like building things

Q. Why not just get a modern bike?

A. don't really appeal to me.

Q. why wear a cap?

A. Dignity old chap, at all times, dignity.