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Initial design



What's it like to ride?

Questions ?









( picture by Stu Garland)

Best engineering, Twisted Iron The Happening 2016

 runner up in pre1950 machines at Manchester Motorcycle Show 2016

not bad for a bike built in 2014!

The boardtracker was in the media

it's featured in 100% biker, issue 197

thanks to Stu Garland, all round legend!

My award winning boardtracker!

hear it running HERE

Back ground to the project

     board track racing ~ look it up on the web! The bikes have an appeal to me due to their very 'basic' nature, just an engine, wheels and frame. No brakes, clutch and in some cases throttle! ( engine ran full throttle, earthed the mag to 'reduce' power!)

Obviously mine will have to have brakes and a clutch as I want to actually use it on the road. I would love to use a JAP V twin but they go for stupid money so I settled on a JAP single. Got a 600cc side valve off EBay, it's off a Howard GEM rotavator. Dates from 1950 but they were made for ages.


 Initial drawings and ideas

    The idea is to use the JAP engine, three speed hand change Albion gearbox and clutch and possibly BSA bantam hubs. I will make a frame, girder forks and the distinctive drop handlebars. Probably use a 'brooks' bicycle saddle and have some 26" wheels built up for that skinny vintage look.

It's the combination of simple frame, drop bars and minimalist look that appeals to me. Trick will be to hold to that look? given that I will have brakes and a gearbox it will be the controls that might clutter it up.


basic sketch of the idea/ geometry ~ the 'kink' in the front down tube is intentional, need to move the engine forward a bit to allow for the gearbox which will be just in front of the rear wheel. might have to put a bend in the rear of that frame section as well? I will have to wait until the gearbox arrives!

ideally the lower frame would be a simple 'U' shape (with no 'kinks') like the ones below.

Going to use 21" wheels ~ allows for a better choice of tyres, probably ENSIGN ones as they have the right looking tread pattern

I now have the gear box so a rethink of the frame geometry is next ~ the gearbox is tiny! yippee! should allow for a better frame shape.

Had some ideas about how to keep the handlebars free from controls, might do a 'dual lever' braking system similar to that used on tractors!



all the above are authentic boardtrack racers

found the picture above off a site ~ very useful

the above is 'The Zenster' recently built by Odgie ~ definitely inspirational!

modern take on the theme?

Wall of Death bike ~ variation on the theme but I like it!!!!!!!

Found these pictures of a NUT boardtracker ~ apparently it stands for Newcastle upon Tyne!

( thanks for letting me use the photos Rick!)


A company in the states is making frames!

 my  gearbox below

my girder forks!


I'm not the first to have thought about doing this, fantastic looking machine!

ideas for the rollers

Build pictures









awesome rear light!

'New' 1935 JAP engine~ got it off EBay, never been used! and I have an aluminium head for it!

rear axle plates

and so it begins... the frame is started


templates used for the fish mouths and the fake 'castings for the frame joints




mocked up the tank and put tyres on the rims.


rear frame bent and positioned





wheel adjusters added to axle plates


lugs for the seat stays


seat pan ~ based on a Mesinger racing seat




checking out the 'racing'  or 'gentleman's' positions!


engine plates (cut by Scott at WRIGHT SHAPES,)  in position





getting closer to a full rolling chassis!


fork spring in, wheel spacers fitted and mock up of sprung seat


it's a rolling chassis!


engine in the frame



bit of work on the seat



mudguard and rear light mounted, foot pedal on!


Tank and pedals






inverted clutch lever


lots of 'bits' done!



Gear lever sorted ~

Two separate people have said virtually the same thing to me ~

" you will need some brass balls to ride that thing"

so I thought I'd better add some!



exhaust done, tank mounted and nearly finished. Made the internal throttle



   Seat done and ready for MA exhibit





need to put the logo on the tank





What's it like to ride ?

hopefully as scary as sh**e



    If you have to ask why? then you will never understand...........

Q. why use a side valve, they are not a 'high performance' engine?

A. I like the idea of it, end of!