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Initial design



What's it like to ride?

Questions ?








Triumph chop


what's next?

fitted a removable speedo ~ knog nerd bike speedo, works great.

took it for a run out, fingers go numb after about 30 miles! but I was grinning like a cat for the whole run!

it's just the never ending job of trying to stop it leaking oil!

got told that triumphs don't leak, they just are just marking their territory ~ I like it!

Back ground to the project

     I have owned a 1960 unit 500 triumph since 1990. I originally built it as an ISDT replica ~ Norton long roadholder forks, Alloy tank, custom built oil tank, aluminium rims ~ the full monty! It looked great, then some idiot turned right and totalled it and nearly me with it. so.......

The damage done was soul destroying and I couldn't face rebuilding it back to how it was. A bolt on rigid back end turned up at the right price and so It was rebuilt as a chop. Suzuki front end, Springer saddle, hexagonal oil tank ~ pretty much as you can see in the pictures below.

I used to get to work ( 15 miles each way) for a couple of years. It was a bitch to start on cold mornings ( I was running with out a battery) and then I had trouble with the rear wheel bearings and........ any way it became a pain in the arse so I bit the bullet and got a modern bike ~ a Ducati 600 Monster, this was soon swapped for a 900 Monster Dark. I really loved that bike, it was the last of the carb models, fantastic fun and a lovely noise! but is could not handle northern English winters and corroded badly. I eventually swapped it for a Triumph 1050 speed triple ~ now have a new matt black one ~ what a great motorcycle! handling is ace and the sweetest engine ever. But......

It's old British bikes really still rock my world and so its time to rebuild the chop!



 Initial drawings and ideas

    no drawings, but the inspiration was from a feature in Back Street Heroes ~ a great looking 500cc unit chop built by a chap called Mark Liddle. it really got me thinking..........

Managed to get an original Wassel peanut tank  see Below is a picture of the bobber that Aubrey is building ~ looks great!



this has to be one of my favourite bikes of all time


How it was outside my shed for many years......


mocking up the new look.....


    new pics with hi level pipes, new tank not here yet!


seat mounts and mudguards.......


been doing some work on the new tank and other bits... it's coming together!


chain guide wheel and brake rod shaft ( brake is on the proper side!)


Imagine this with black paint work......




custom made fuel cap ~ fits over the old one!


must start work on cleaning up the engine soon......



Had to do it, had to see what the new painted bits looked like !


How good does that paint work look! Big Thanks to SMB in Marple

SMB = Southall's Motor Bodies ~ no relation!

hand change gear selector!


very sunny day! the new handlebars will be , guess what , BLACK, on the final build

all the parts arrived back from the painters, powder coaters, seat makers, ceramic coaters etc so here are the final build pictures







What's it like to ride ?

Bloody fantastic. Hand change takes a bit of getting used to but it's OK. Sounds great ~ load pipes save lives ~ and the electrex world ignition system makes starting much easier than before and it ticks over just fine.



    If you have to ask why? then you will never understand...........

Q. why not build a Harley chop?

A. Because I like 500cc Triumphs!

Q. Why not use 'period' bits only?

A. get a life!

Q. Why not do a 'proper' full restoration and put it back to how it left the factory?

A. not my style, I like changing things a bit!

Q why have you used a hand change? doesn't just make it difficult to ride?

A. I like the look of them and you get used to it ~ I just like being different!