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Initial design



What's it like to ride?

Questions ?








" The Ring of Fire"


The Smallest Rideable* Monowheel

* by me at least, and I am 5' 8"

Back ground to the project

I managed to get a copy of a book entitled

'Inside the Wheel ~ The Complete Guide to Monocycles' by Jack Wiley, Ph.D

( isbn 0-913999-22-9). on page 28 is a picture shown below :-


the only information in the book says

"laFrance Bressen of Galesburg, Michigan, built a motor driven monocycle with a 36-inch wheel. I have been unable to find out if this monocycle worked. If this cycle was actually ridden, it is probably the record for the smallest wheel motorised monocycle"

apparently this was built in 1969 and well, I like a challenge and so................


 Initial drawings and ideas

basically all the design is in my head!, there are no drawings at all!

I had a wheel made that was 36" in diameter measured to the outside

I had some extra rollers from the diwheel

I got a little robin engine from Phil (cheers again, mate)

what more do you need to make a start?

centrifugal clutch is a Hilliard extreme duty from the states; modified to take english chain!

friction drive is an engine mount from a Ford Fiesta mounted and keyed on to a shaft.

friction drive spring is the main spring from a BSA scorpion air pistol

tyres are red BMX ones from EBay



I made a basic frame with three rollers, shovel is there to give a sense of scale!


and yes, I can fit in it , just!!!!!!


now with handle bars, exhaust and 'seat'









test run 1

test run 2

test run 3

test run 4



What's it like to ride ?

   bloody weird.... only had a quick go but it is rideable and goes quite well ~ looks like I got the gearing right!

basically its a whole lot of fun, and with a bit of practice I reckon that it will be stable enough to get your feet up. Then I might get round to some foot pegs and some kind...........



    If you have to ask why? then you will never understand...........

Q. The Bressen monocycle looks bigger than 36"?

A. I thought that but, what the hell? it's not like I can actually measure it!


Q. Is there an official record?

A. probably not, I haven't checked with the Guinness book of records!


Q. Surely a smaller person could fit in a smaller wheel?

A. Then let the clever little bugger have a go at building one!


Q. Are you not worried about the wheel rubbing on the back of your head?

A. That is what flying helmets are for, that, and of course dignity!