Yes, I do, and will,  design and build things for other people.

If you would like to discuss a possible project please contact me via

A bit about me

I have been designing and building things for most of my life.

I have been a street performer, acrobat, university lecturer, special effects technician and, lately, a TV presenter.

I have a degree in electrical engineering, a PhD in electronics, a Masters in 3D design and a well equipped shed.

If I'm not in the shed I am either lawn mower racing, practicing hand stands or out riding one of my custom bikes.

I have been riding and 'modifying' motorcycles for over 40 years.

Mostly, I can be found in my shed working on the latest ‘experiment’.


Commissioned work

    Most of the things seen on this website are my own personal projects.

    I do, however, make things for other people and organisations.

   As this is commissioned work, and so belongs to someone else, I tend not to put it on my site.

   I have built props and vehicles for a number of theatre companies, magicians and performers.

  I am happy to design and work with electronics, electromechanical devices and mechanical systems.

  Recent commissions have been for:-

    Sheffield Hallam University ~ thought controlled scalextric.

    Quicksilver SFX ~ Radio controlled wheelchair, paper shredder

    Avanti Display ~ The Reliquary

   BBC Radio 4 ~ a working pulse jet

  BBC1 ~ Modification and reworking of my monowheel

Sian from CircusHouse, Manchester ~ custom made CYR wheel


Artizani ~ levers from a signal box and working signal


Winston Plowes ~ Spoke' n ' Word; typewriter mounted an a police bike

Pop up bar stage/set for Molly Orange

broomstick flying rig for QUICKSILVER SPECIAL EFFECTS for CBBC production of Worst Witch